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      Sorbic Acid & Sorbates
      Tricalcium Phosphate
      Chemical Name: Tricalcium Phosphate
      Molecular Formula: Ca3(PO4)2·H2O
      Molecular Weight: 1004.64
      Properties: Mixture of different phosphorus calcium,main component is 10 CaO·3P2O5·H2O,white shapeless powder, odourless,tasteless,relative density 3.18,difficultly soluble in water,easily soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid,nitric acid, stable in air.
      Quality standard: FCC-V,E341(iii)
      Application: In food industry,it is used as anticoagulant,nutritional supplement,calcium intensifier PH regulator buffer,such as flour anticoagulant,additive for milk powder,sweets,pudding,and meat,refined aid agent for animal oil, yeast food and so on.
      Packing: It is packed with plastic bag as liner,and a compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer. The net weight each bag is 25kg.
      Storage and transport: It should be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse; kept away from moisture. Furthermore,it should be stored separately from poisonous substances.
      Index item FCC-V E341(iii)
      Content≥% -- 90
      P2O5 Content, % -- 38.5-48.0
      Appearance White floating crystalline powder A white odourless powder which is stable in air
      Identity test -- Positive tests for calcium and for phosphate
      Solubility test -- Practically insoluble in water, insoluble in ethanol soluble in dilute hydrochloric and nitric acid
      Content(Calcium), % 34.0-40.0 --
      Arsenic, ≤mg/kg 3 3
      Fluorine, ≤mg/kg 75 50
      Heavy metal(in lead),≤% -- --
      Lead, ≤mg/kg 2 4
      Cadmium, ≤mg/kg -- 1
      Mercury, ≤mg/kg -- 1
      Loss on ignition, ≤% 10.0 8
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